Audio Files

Use the files below to test your sound.

Ad free audio test files to stream and check your setup. Pink Noise, drum sounds, and looping instrumentals to test your audio. Read below for a description of the song and intended use. Check back often and follow on twitter for updates.

How to use

Each audio file has a purpose in mind. Below are descriptions of what they're designed for, but feel free to use them for whatever purpose you have.

  • Pink Noise - A stereo pink noise file to check your speakers and EQ your room. Great for finding problem frequencies in new spaces.

  • Kick drum check - Stereo Kick drum file. This kick was chosen to try and replicate a live drum sound when it's first mic'd up. It has low subharmonics to test your room and get a general kick drum EQ setting.

  • Snare check - Stereo snare drum file. Like the kick, use the snare drum file to get a general EQ of a snare. 

  • Kick and Snare Left Right Test - This file is meant to be used with a stereo DI. The kick is panned left and the snare is panned right to be used on two channels of a console. These are the same kick and snare files used in the kick and snare only files. Put the kick on channel one and mute the snare on channel two to get your EQ and levels, then switch to snare. You can then listen to both together to see how they fit together and create a drum buss/reverb/delay.

  • Havana - Cuba inspired instrumental. Upbeat and percussive track with horns to be used as a general test song. This is the same song on the Havana video.

  • Uplifting Full Band Instrumental - Full band instrumental to be used as a general song test. This is the same song used in the Norway fly-over video.