Video Files

Use the files below to test your image, sound, or both!

None of the videos below have embedded ads. Using streaming sites may give you ads before videos or questionable content. You won't have to worry about that here. Find your favorite test file and come back to it as often as you need. Read below for a description of each video. Check back often and follow us on twitter for updates.

How to use

Each video was created for a different purpose and are described below. They will suit a few different needs, and follow our twitter and check back often for updates!

  • Havana Street Loop - Looping video of a Havana Street with bright colors and upbeat audio. Video features vehicles, buildings, and people.

  • Left-Right Speaker Test - Pink Noise video with audio alternating between left and right, left only, and right only every 15 seconds. Use to test levels of a portable setup or installation.

  • Norway Fly Through Loop - Beautiful fly-through video. Great for testing brightness and colors. Use the reflection in the lake as a great test for your image. Audio is full band, background audio.

  • Pink Noise with moving Color Bars - Moving color bars to test your image color and alignment. Stereo pink noise to test audio.

  • Pink Noise with VJ color EQ - Digital, colorful moving image with stereo pink noise.